How Common Are Eye Injuries In Pickleball

How Common Are Eye Injuries In Pickleball?

We all know how spicy and Passionate outdoor games can get especially when it’s about to be concluded or nearing its result.

The perpetual strive to push yourself to achieve yourself to the limits that your body can barely withstand, all at the cost of getting an advantage over your opponent.

This burst of adrenaline puts one in multitudes of dangers and haphazard which is quite concerning since both elderly and children play pickleball on a regular basis.

Speaking of keeping concerns, if you are a parent who is overprotective about their children playing pickleball or a rookie getting into the game and wants to be on the safe side, you must wonder How common are eye injuries in pickleball.

Let’s find out, shall we?

Risk Of Eye Injury In Pickleball

Pickleball when played under traditional rules tends to have considerably lower chances of eye injury, in fact, it accounts for around 5-7% of eye injuries across the globe. 

However, that doesn’t take away from the fact that you are deemed safe when playing this game, and the injury ratio increases exponentially if the game is played in rally format.

Reason For Eye Injuries In Pickleball

Even though at its initial phases of growth, pickleball was fairly safe, however, as more and more people get into this game, there is quite a spike seen in injuries, most of which include senior citizens, who are unable to keep up with the pace of the game.

To make matters worse, these injuries are common amongst those who fail to practice these countermeasures such as,

1. Wearing Proper KitΒ 

Let’s be honest, whenever you are playing any sports, the use of a safety kit might seem trivial, however, stepping onto the court or playing field without protective gear is a mishap waiting to happen only due to your neglect.

Protective gear includes safety glasses that protect the eyes from direct impact from the fast-moving ball or paddle from your partner.

Astoundingly, most of these eye injuries are caused due to direct impact on the eyes, which can be easily prevented if you wear a safety kit.

2. Not Paying Attention

It’s a fast-paced game, so expect nothing less of a sport that will keep you on your toes and pump your heart, especially during rallies.

Oftentimes, your opponent will surprise you with a direct shot that you may never expect that is flung toward you.

Never put your guard down and always be on alert, as it can not only save you from potential fault points but also help you protect yourself from injuries.

3. Mind The Gap

Some injuries aren’t just from the receiving end of the court from your opponent but sometimes it’s your own partner that swings too sharp with their paddle.

When playing in the doubles format, always mind the gap and make sure you never run into them whenever they are executing a shot.

This will allow you to maneuver easily without having to worry about possible injuries.

4. Tie Your Shoelaces

Speaking from personal experience, this is the sort of injury that happens once in a blue moon, however, you wouldn’t want to be the person who has to face it.

It’s a rookie mistake everyone can replicate due to neglect. Since pickleball is mostly based on micro-stepping, a small stumble could cause eye injury if you hit the concrete surface even if you are wearing protective glasses.

Types Of Eye Injuries

Here are the most common types of Injuries that occur in a pickleball game.

  • Mild to Moderate Bruise
  • Hyphema
  • Cornea damaging or retinal hemorrhage

Bottom Line

No matter how good you think you are at the game, always be aware of your surroundings and never put your guard down especially if you are playing in a doubles format.

Your safety in the court is your own responsibility as you can never blame someone else for the mistakes you make. Always wear protective gear like glasses as safety should be your top priority especially if you are playing outdoors as the velocity of the ball might be influenced by the wind.

Nevertheless, at the end of the day how you play the game determines How common are eye injuries in pickleball so make sure you abide by the rules and follow all the safety preliminaries.

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