What To Wear To Play Pickleball

What To Wear To Play Pickleball? What I Personally Recommends

When playing Pickleball, it’s vital that you understand the importance of maneuvering around the court, and simply being “agile” and “vigilant” just wouldn’t cut it.

In order to be the best of the best on the court, your mobility has to be tip-top, which is an attribute that is mostly inclined towards what to wear to play pickleball.

Sometimes in such a fast-paced thrilling back-and-forth ball-slinging session, quick reflexes and raw power wouldn’t be sufficient as you also have to look snazzy while wearing appropriate apparel.

In fact, your game costume makes a world of a difference in your performance, so make sure you are geared up appropriately.

Unfortunately, except for a select few, most players wear apparel that tends to hinder their performance, which i why I have curated a thorough guide to rectify the problem.

Which Wardrobe To Wear?

In general, there is no hard or fast rule to follow a dress code, however, in order to maximize your efficiency, try wearing these when stepping into the court.

1. Anti-Slip Gloves

The most pivotal aspect of the game, wearing gloves with an abrasive side can help exponentially and can increase your grip tenfold because the last thing you would want is to chug your paddle across the court accidentally.

It also helps prevent sweating and moisture buildup whenever you are playing in longer sessions.

Make sure in warmer climates, you opt out for gloves that have a breathable mesh-like design so that sweat build-up won’t irritate your skin and so you can play comfortably as air circulation will keep your hands in a “happy” state.

On the flipside, in colder climates, it’s highly advised to opt out for thicker gloves that have been padded generously so you don’t catch a frost.

2. Protective Glasses

Even though this might sound trivial, the last thing you want is a fast-paced shot executed right onto your face. The splatter effect alone would be devastating especially if you aren’t wearing protective glasses.

As an added bonus, make sure these glasses also have polarized lenses as it will nullify the effect of the sun and its glares so you can easily see through even if you are playing under direct sunlight.

This will make you better at sports as sunlight effects can no longer hamper your vision, giving you much more time to react.

3. Light Breathable Fabric

Don’t “dress to impress’ ‘, it’s a Pickleball court, not a club, so avoid wearing flashy baggy clothes that will create hurdles in your game.

Wear a thin, lightweight, and breathable t-shirt that doesn’t weigh you down.

As for your pants, wearing cargo pants or shorts can be an amazing idea considering the fact you would easily maneuver without mobility issues.

However, in colder regions, you can wear hoodies with tighter sleeves to keep your body warm.

4. Supportive Accessories

To further decrease the effects of direct sunlight, make sure you wear a baseball hat or a bucket hat with longer brims as not only will it make you seem professional but it will also provide some shade for your eyes.

They are also tight enough to be worn without having to worry about them falling off on the court.

5. Moisture Proof Socks

Sweat and moisture buildup especially when playing in humid or hot regions can be extremely annoying. Always opt out for socks that have moisture-wicking capabilities to keep your feet cool and free from sweat.

Make sure these socks have decent gripping underneath so you don’t end up slipping in your shoes or sandals especially if it become sweaty.

6. High Friction Shoes

Depending on the type of surface your court has, wooden or concrete, you need to wear shoes that have small spikes or specialized gripping enhancers to keep your feet steady on the ground.

In Pickleball, it is apparent that you would be spending most of your time micro-stepping. So to keep your mobility intact and free from any hurdles, try wearing sports shoes with a breathable design that compliments your agility.

Bottom line

Being a Pickleball enthusiast, I believe that dressing serves two purposes in this game i.e. Protection and performance enhancement.

Henceforth, you should always wear something that doesn’t compromise your safety regardless of whichever sports you indulge in. Even though Pickleball is generally considered safe as compared to sports that it originated from such as Badminton and Tennis, it still has some potential court hazards to offer that you need to be aware of.

In other words, your apparel will define your performance on the court, so make sure you are appropriately dressed.

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