Drop Shot in Pickleball

What Is a Drop Shot in Pickleball? How To Execute A Dropshot?

Gone are the days when Pickleball used to be a recreational sport because, after its booming growth due to a multitude of leagues and mega tournaments,  it ignited an unending flame that has spread like wildfire in the form of talented players all across the nation.

Subsequently, sports-based popularity is proportional to the newer and wilder forms of strategies, since it is human nature to evolve and adapt to the scenario and this fast-paced outdoor game is no exception in this regard.

On the flip side, being an amalgam of renowned sports such as badminton and tennis, it is no surprise that pickleball also happens to adopt similar strategies from that game such as a drop shot.

If you aren’t familiar with these strategies or barely know a thing or two about the aforementioned games, then consider yourself in for a treat because after scrolling down below, I am certain that you are going to learn esoteric knowledge that could possibly step up your game.

The Basics of Drop Shot In Pickleball

A Drop Shot is a legally skilled shot that can be performed anywhere or anytime in the match by either individual of the team. Due to its β€œHigh Risk, High Reward” nature, it could possibly make or break a match, henceforth, requiring great deals of skills, accuracy, and timing.

In simpler and more refined words, a well-timed Drop Shot could possibly give your opponent a run for their money but on the other hand, an accurate and well-thought-out drive or parry in return could put off even a prestigious player, eventually resulting in tables being turned around.

Notwithstanding the fact that many players shouldn’t try it, in fact, it gives you an edge over an opponent, as long as you execute it correctly. Here is how it’s done.

How To Execute A Dropshot?

In order to execute a drop shot, you need to be as close to the net as possible because the whole point of the drop shot is to simply tap on the ball so that it lands directly in the kitchen Zone (Non-Volleying Zone), which can be only be parried through quick reflexes of the opponent.

Here are key elements you have to keep in mind in order to execute a perfect Dropshot.

1. Positioning Is Crucial

The placement of a player on the court correlates with how well a player will respond to a shot that is executed toward him/her. 

Always stay alert and focused and be mindful of your surroundings especially if you are playing in the doubles format. On the flip side, make sure you only execute a drop shot whenever your opponent is far away from the net, in fact, the farther away he or she is from the net, the easier it is for you to commit to a drop shot.

2. Find the Sweetspot

A drop shot is executed after you tap the upper middle spot of the paddle on the ball as gently as possible. The paddle of a pickleball resembles a ping pong paddle from a table tennis game which is usually made from wood or graphite material with rubber lining.

Each spot results in a different outcome even if you execute a shot with ample finesse, henceforth, if you want your drop shot to look and feel accurate with 100% accuracy, always line up the upper portion of the paddle with the ball.

3. Less Is More

In the game of pickleball, sometimes the most resounding shots are executed through gentle deliveries by a player since the ball is mostly manipulated through the wind.

While an excess of everything is bad, moderation allows you to achieve the balance you would need for your ball to land as close to the net as possible, so even a quick lunge from the opposing team wouldn’t deemed sufficient.

Use backhand shots as it ensures the paddle remains parallel to the ground while ensuring the ball stays within a feasible radius of the point of execution.

4. Variation Is The Key

Do whatever it takes to confuse your opponent, Use shot variation by either using backhand spins or executing fake lobs in order to gain a territorial advantage over your rival because the end goal to achieve the perfect shot is by landing the ball as close to the net with minimal margin.

Variation keeps your rival on your toes as it can eliminate the possibility of rhythm prediction, considering the fact that pickleball shots can be well judged after reading the body language of a player executing a shot.

When Drop Shots Shouldn’t be Executed?

Not every shot executed has to be a Drop shot, in fact, you need to use it when necessary, otherwise, it eliminates the element of surprise, which is basically the whole point of a drop shot. Here are some scenarios where you should totally avoid performing a drop shot.

  • Whenever your Opponent is within reach of a kitchen zone
  • When Rallying back to your initial spot isn’t feasible
  • When Dropshot is recently executed to prevent rhythm detection by an opponent.

Bottom Line

While this guide providing insight about β€œDrop Shot in Pickleball” certainly has all the assistance in the world you may need, the only way to perfect your game is to go out and hit the court and practice as much as you can because practice makes man perfect and in order to reach perfection you need to build muscle memory.

So, make sure you give a glance at the strategies listed above and apply them in the court while practicing it, otherwise, you will have a hard time executing them.

Good Luck🀞.

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