How To Hit A Pickleball Harder

How To Hit A Pickleball Harder? Win As A Pickler

In the game of pickleball, consistency, accuracy, and power will always put you miles ahead of your rival standing across the net.

It goes without saying that practice makes a man perfect but without knowing the aforementioned key fundamentals, you wouldn’t make it into the big leagues.

In fact, each execution in the court serves as a defining factor which is why it is vital to polish your skills and execute brutal shots that are harder to predict let alone counter.

If you barely have a clue where to start but hold the enthusiasm to be the “next best” in the court, it’s in your best interest to read this esoteric article on “Hitting a pickleball harder”.

As an added bonus, I will be throwing in some tips regarding pickleball which will make you better at this sport eventually.

How To Hit A Pickleball Harder?

Your pickleball hits will be converted into a force to be reckoned with, just follow these tips.

1. Find The Perfect Stance

When playing pickleball, finding the perfect stance offers more value than you can probably bargain for, in fact, it allows you to control every muscle in your body, and redirect all your energy to your wrist so you can easily propel momentum onto a ball for a robust hit.

Make sure you bend your knees while having your legs wide apart, this will not only put your body into an aggressive position but will provide perfect balance so you can easily maneuver around the court.

Bending knees also helps you compensate against shocks and helps you counter shots propelled toward you quite easily.

2. Relaxed Arms

Try to use your arms like a mini trebuchet, stiffer arms are indeed good for nothing since they virtually kill any momentum build-up and are pretty much counterproductive.

Make sure your dominant arm, the one that holds the wooden paddle is as flexible as possible. Try not to clutch your palms on the paddle like your life depends on it.

However, don’t get too floppy as you may control and even chuck the paddle while swinging for the shot.

In other words, finding the perfect sweet spot and avoiding stiff movements at all costs.

3. Use Heavier Equipment

This might feel like “cheating” but it’s in fact perfectly legal and many professional players are using this tactic to get an edge over their opponents.

Heavier paddles will help generate joules of energy exponentially higher even if you swing improperly.

However, I wouldn’t recommend it to players who are just getting into the game because this might ruin their learning curve altogether.

On the other hand, the downside of using a heavier paddle might be way more than you could bargain for as players with lower stamina count may run into fatigue issues way faster than usual.

Eventually, wrist problems corresponding to joints may arise which is the last thing you would want when building a career.

So make sure, you choose your equipment wisely, find a paddle that isn’t too light to absorb the momentum but not too heavy to make your palm feel like you are holding a ton of bricks at once.

Tips To Become Better At Pickleball

Follow these nifty tips, and you will find yourself off to a good start.

1. Swing Properly

Make you apply your swing momentum all the way through, I have seen plenty of players not following through even when they get the chance.

If you want to ensure your ball trajectory is sharp and sudden, try to overdo your “due diligence” all the way through, this will enhance your accuracy and consistency and will make a drastic impact on your shots.

Full swings are extremely helpful especially when you are rallying across the net because it allows you to redirect all the force at the ball at the moment’s notice.

2. Find The Sweet Spot

At this point, it might be common textbook knowledge that finding the sweet spot will attain your critical hits. 

Typically, the sweet spot is around the top part of your paddle, however, if you are aiming for a spin, try using the edges to your advantage because they hold the perfect amount of momentum when you are executing a shot.

3. Practice, Practice, Practice

I cannot emphasize the fact that practice makes a man perfect and helps him become better than best. In fact, you could spend eons reading articles like these but could never make minuscule progress if you don’t apply these tips and tricks in real-life scenarios.

Try to build a muscle memory rather than remembering these methodologies by heart as it will reduce the thought process criteria to near zero, so you can attain maximum reaction times without compromising on your sheer focus.

Try replicating the tricks enforced by your opponents and mimicking professionals whenever you are practicing alone or with your buddies. 

Bottom line

Never be shy of trying something new, even if you fail a million times on the court, make sure you practice until you build peak consistency, power, and accuracy on the court, as these key fundamentals will act as pillars for your career.

As mentioned above, building muscle memory and hand-eye coordination should be your first instinct and that is only possible through months and years of practice in the court.

So go ahead and pickle that trusty paddle of yours hit the court and make as many mistakes as you can, one day you will eventually emerge with the most exotic swings amongst your peers and you will be crowned the “Mike Tyson” of pickleball.

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