Can You Play Pickleball In The Rain

Can You Play Pickleball In The Rain? What I Personally Do?

We have all been there, pushing our limits even if the danger is imminent, whether it’s in our everyday scenario or a pickleball court where our addictions run rampant but overwhelming addiction leads to negative consequences and there are no two ways about that.

Nevertheless, when I am asked about the subject “Can you play pickleball in the rain” I often cringe considering the dangers it poses if you aren’t careful especially if it’s raining cats and dogs.

In theory, playing pickleball is still somewhat possible, however, there is a catch you need to be mindful of which I will explain briefly below.

Workarounds For Playing Pickleball In Rain

Although I would still recommend against it, if you still insist on playing in the rain, make sure you follow my tips below to reduce the chances of mishaps.

1. Dress Appropriately

Regardless of how skilled you think you are in this sport, the dynamics exponentially change when the weather is not favorable for your play style. Water droplets pouring down will drench your gear which may give rise to plenty of mishaps.

To avoid such hazards popping up in the playfield, make sure you are dressed appropriately for the weather by wearing rain jackets, gloves with extra grip, and even hats or eye protection glasses so you can have ample visibility.

If you are playing in a public pickleball court with no form of sewage system, chances are your pickleball court would get deluged, so make sure you wear shoes with metal spikes to attain grip whenever maneuvering around the court. 

Avoid using slippery joggers as they might perform horrendously especially if you are stepping in regions on the court that are painted to indicate boundaries.

2. Get The Right Equipment

Use Paddles with abrasive gripping so that they stick better to your palm because the last thing you would want in the court is to send your wooden paddle flying across the net and possibly hitting your opponent or spectators in the heat of the moment, which also happens to be a direct violation of pickleball and will result in disqualification if you are playing under competitive settings.

On the flip side, make sure you use a specialized ball designed for wet or humid regions which offers more traction so you won’t have to struggle even when executing a simple lob or Dink shots.

3. Maneuver Carefully

Mind your step, especially whenever you are playing in double format because reckless maneuvering can not only put yourself in danger but also your partner’s so try to play responsibly and communicate if it’s deemed possible.

Try not to push your limits even if the ball seems to be in bounds because, during the rain, the slipper court amplifies the movement of your shoes reducing friction and giving rise to accidental slippage.

4. Take Breaks

For some individuals who want to go down the thrilling ride, Playing pickleball in the rain might feel refreshing but the ecstasy is only proportionally to the frequency of rain over the court because wet gear undermines your ability to perform proper shots, so make sure you take frequent breaks whenever you are feeling sogged or drenched and use towels and dry pads.

In the meantime, sipping on a hot cup of coffee or tea might be a wise idea while you relax under the shed while waiting for the rain to simmer down. 

On the flip side, use wiping rags, brushes, and even sponges to absorb excess water, in case there isn’t a proper sewage system, and thoroughly clean the spots where the court is painted as those areas have less amount friction and pose a hazard for the unbeknownst and naive.

Bottom line

Being a pickleball enthusiast myself, the urge to play with your buddies on outdoor courts is perfectly understandable, however, being a professional player who emphasizes safety and protection, in my opinion, I would never recommend playing in the rain, regardless of the fact how casual the settings are.

Considering how slippery the painted court is, I would never allow my beloved readers in my good conscience to risk themselves in such situations where they could get seriously injured especially if they lack the skills to maneuver.

Nevertheless, if you still want to insist on playing, I would highly recommend brushing the court or wearing shoes that have spikes for better grip because prevention is better than cure.

That being said, thank you for stopping by, stay safe out there, and have a nice day.

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